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Hampton Regional Office Moves and Changes its Name to Virginia Beach

The Hampton Regional Office has relocated to Virginia Beach, VA. Business began from the new location on Monday, October 28, 2013. The new address is 291 Independence Blvd., Suite 401, Virginia Beach, VA 23462. The new phone number is 757.490.7940, fax number is 757.490.7950, and the email address has changed from infohampton@gpo.gov to infovirginiabeach@gpo.gov.

Contractor Quality Level Evaluations

As part of GPO's procurement procedure, our agency maintains a continuous Quality Control Process to support its customers. One aspect of this process is to determine a contractor's ability to consistently produce orders at the required quality level without undue assistance on the part of the Government. These ratings are also used when generating bid lists for procurements that determine who solicitations will be issued to on a rotating basis and by our Contracting Officers as an aid in making responsibility determinations on individual contracts.

With the rapid changes in technologies and the industry in recent years it has become necessary to have vendors re-submit after a 5 year period to ensure our Government Contractors are still producing at the level when they were originally rated.

GPO is currently contacting vendors to request that they proceed with the re-submission process. Please contact our Quality Control Team if you have any questions via email at qcpp@gpo.gov or phone via 202-512-0542.

The Printing Procurement Regulation (PPR) of the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO Publications 305.3) has been revised. The revised version can be found at http://www.gpo.gov/vendors/sfas.htm. The PPR is issued to: (i) prescribe uniform policies and procedures for the procurement of printing, binding, and related services and, (ii) provide guidance to Customer Services personnel in applying those policies and procedures.

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